Monday, November 30, 2009


So this person right here is going to be a former Sun Devil next semester.

That's right! Goodbye ASU!!! GCU here I come!

In the interest of graduating in 2012.....well...before 2014 for that matter....I have decided to switch from ASU to GCU. I'm very excited about it but am, once again, going to be the newbie. Awesome.

With the ending of my career at ASU ends my student employment. This does bother me because I love my job and the people here are really nice. But...change must happen, and this is for the better. So, in two weeks, I will be, once again, unemployed. Awesome.

So...It's the end of the semester and this year is nothing short of disasterously hectic for me. I will try to update more. :( Sorry, I know I've reallllly been slacking.
There is a presentation for Chemistry due Wednesday that I have to begin putting together, with a test tomorrow looming ever closer. So, I bid you, Adui. (haha I know that's spelt wrong, but you get it)


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