Monday, November 2, 2009

If only we could love

One of these days, in the near future after I graduate, I will write a book.
I probably won't be published, and honestly, I don't care.

However, in this book I will write about many different things, whether it be obvious or not in its mentioning, I will mention it. I will mention, why, no matter how hard we try not to be, we are racist. I will bring up every social issue like abortion, gay rights, animal crulety, saving the earth, stopping genocide, giving to the poor, etc. I will do all of this, and nothing will change in this world because of my words (except maybe a few hearts) but I will have done some of my part to make this world just a little better. And maybe, just maybe those few hearts I change can make a difference, and change other hearts and lives.

I often ask myself, "Why is it so difficult for people to love?"

If we just had a bit more love, then we wouldn't have all of these problems.
~What mother who loves their child would kill it (no matter how you name it: "fetus," "zygote," "cells," it is still a child)?
~If a ruler loved their people they rule then why would the order mass murder and destruction of villages?
~What does it matter if he loves a he or she, doesn't it matter that he loves in the first place?
and so on...

Why does everyone feel that they have the right to judge another person?

Why is it that if someone is "different" then they are wrong?

Has mankind always thought this way? Or was there a day when people really did love and respect eachother more often then not?


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