Sunday, September 13, 2009

lazy lazy

Sooo what's new...!?!?

Friday I went to the doctor and all went well so yay to that :D
Then I watching criminal minds with mom and dad and went to bed (i think hahaha)

So...Saturday...I woke up this morning at 11am....wowza...can't believe they let me sleep in that long.. can't even believe i did sleep that long lol!
The rest of the day was a lazy day! I played call of duty world at war with my team a lot and we are getting really good :) (then again, me and Everette have lots of room for improvement heehee)
I researched a bit on my project for human development and i'll put it all together tomorrow after church!
oh!!! we had olive garden for dinner! absolutely delicious...hit the spot (even though I shouldn't have had so much lol)
that's about it for me...just a relaxing weekend so far...tomorrow night i'll have to get down to business again though :P ewww


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