Friday, September 4, 2009

FABULOUS friday!!!!! and rainy lazy saturday =D

soooo today i got to sleeeeep in so much! but only 8 hours...hahaha

when i woke up i got to play call of duty: world at war for about two hours with Vlad! (it's double experience points weekend!!!) I had a lot of fun. I haven't been able to do that for awhile. I've been doing homework or work or knitting but this was really nice

after hanging out with vlad for awhile i went home and got to see the doggies! :)
then i got to wear my TOMSshoes for the first time!!! they are absolutely great! :D even better than i thought they would be

then i went to get mom from work and we went to visit linda and see her new house (which is very beautiful) and that was a very fun time!

Then we went home and saw daddy and that was great and we all went to bed.


well...saturday i was woken up at 9:00 by the sound of an extremely huge thunder. It was great. That thunder even made the power go out!!!
So all that money there was thunderstorms and rain and clouds and it was just beautiful!!!

So I had a lazy day making a hat (crochet-i'll post pics up later) and doing some homework. I also watched t.v. with my dad and mom and went to micheals to buy mom some more yarn (it was on sale) and I bought some needles to start learning how to knit socks! :D horrayyy

so tomorrow i have church and homework to do!

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