Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Barnes and Nobles

Yesterday was Tuesday and my Micro Lab class was canceled as well as my human development course! So that left only my lecture classes (which isn't that bad) =) They were canceled b/c the both were on the same schedule as Monday Classes and because of labor day they were both were canceled. So....because my last class ended at 4:15 (Microbiology Lecture) I decided to surprise my parents (especially mother) and visit them and go to Barnes and Nobles with mom while she groups. Everything went according to plan. Mom freaked at first! It was great! Dad did very well at keeping her unawares and at home till I got there! hahaha! And the puppies were super surprised too!
After awhile mom and me when to Barnes and Nobles and there I gave the beanie I made to Rebecca to give to Lorenzo. This was that hat I have him (below).

So today I need to read about 3 chapters for both Microbiology and Chemistry and I need to write an essay for English and read a couple things then do my part of a project for human development...yay! At least I'll be busy at work for once! =)

We get our lab reports back in Chemistry today...hope i got a 10! We'll see lol. =)

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